Audits and Technical Inspection

Every investment Project has been approved under the fulfillment, among others, of specific technical parameters, which determine the quality of the equipment, supplies and facilities.

Buffer has highly qualified consultants, professionals and technical staff with wide experience in audit services and technical inspection of project, that perform the technical feasibility and verification of the initial phases, and inspect continuously the execution of works, with the objective of assuring quality, safety, expected terms and the final success of each project.

» Project Technical Inspection (Assurance and Quality Control)

» Factory inspection of equipment and materials, national and imported

» Reception and Confirmation of Materials in Project Storage Facilities.

» Final Reception of Projects and Handover to Third Parties (TOP)

» Technical Work Audit (ATO)

» Construction Project Due Diligence

» Independent Studies of Technical Construction Risks

» Review and Normalization of Facility Handover Process (TOP, CRP) to Operations or Third Parties.