Contract Management

Contract Management is one the excellence services at Buffer, discipline that supports commercial management through the preparation, negotiation, implementation and supervision of legal contractual commitments and internal and external risk factors.

Based on the prior, our background allows us to know and segment according to the market, the best commercial and industrial practices, surrounding conditions, potential risks, policies and technical capacities, that will be or have been transformed under specific terms and conditions that are offered or required from Vendors, Clients or Strategic Business Partners.

Our contractual management discipline is an indispensable branch to lead and cause contract fulfillment.

» Strategy Evaluation and Preparation of the Procurement and Contract Plan

» Integration Management for Supplies and Project Contractors

» Identification and Evaluation of Risks for Projects, Contracts and Procurement

» Support in the Preparation and/or Process Execution for Biddings

» Formation of Contracts and Purchase Orders

» Preventive Contract Management (in the frame of controversy-dispute mitigation)

» Support in the Preparation, Evaluation, Presentation and/or Negotiation of Claims and Controversies.

» Warranty Administration

» Engineering, Construction and Services Contract Administration

» Asset Procurement Administration

» Support in Project Closing and Contract Termination

» Contractual Audits

» Prepartion and Support in Claims

» Support in Arbitration Processes

» Independent or Party Examinations

» Evaluation of Anticipated Termination

» Forensic Engineering Analysis

» Evaluation of Damages, Additional Costs, Losses and Expenses

» Evalution of Delays and Interruptions

» Damage Quantification

» Expert Consulting